Wildlife Heritage Foundation (Whf)

Having volunteered at Whf for a while, I thought I’d write a little piece on some of the cats there.

I have been a volunteer for about a year and a half, it has been a privilege to be part of such a great place and to care for these beautiful animals is so satisfying.

All in all they have over 50 cats; large and small. Some are highly endangered and very vulnerable to extinction, especially the Amur Leopards; there are only about between 30 – 50 individuals left in the wild. (these are only approximations, as it is very difficult to find these beautiful cats.)
This is Zeya an Amur Leopard on one of her platforms 🙂

The zoo is part of the Endangered Species Breeding Program so that beautiful animals like Zeya are still around for hopefully years to come. Not only are we responsible for animals like this but also the one’s which people seem to think are not endangered like the lions! ( there are only between 35,000 – 40,000 left in the wild) 😦


Tawny lion brothers. (at the back is Kafara and to the front is Tiny pretending to be asleep 🙂 )

Whf does not open to the public full-time, in fact it only usually has 4 open days per year; this year its open days are on the 17, 18 19 and 20th of July (find out more on how to get tickets here: http://www.whf.org.uk )

You can if you want to come and see them try a Ranger Day, Big Cat Experience or Photography Day; money from these experiences goes into making new enclosures and running such a massive operation and looking after these incredible creatures.

I will leave you with a few more photo’s of some of these amazing cats 🙂


Themba the resident male white lion. 🙂


and this is Samia a Serval, looking rather cute! 🙂

One last thought. If you are interested in volunteering there is a page on the site for this where you can contact them via email or telephone.

(Wildlife Heritage Foundation is near Smarden in Kent the UK.)


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