Garden Birds

I’m lucky enough to have a large variety of birds in our garden. So I thought I would share my love for nature and photography with you.


Bertie our blue tit bringing some food to the box on our conservatory. 🙂


And here’s Gerald the great tit. We have two pairs that come and visit our feeding stations but Gerald is very familiar to us and has been coming to our garden over the last couple of years.


Here’s our one-legged Blackbird, Barbosa who we named after the captain in Pirates of the Caribbean. We don’t quite know how he manages to survive with only one leg but nature has a way of keeping him alive like natural selection I suppose. We love him and he sings so beautifully in the morning! 😀

If you would like to have a look at some more of my photo’s you can find me here

I hope you like what you see and maybe it will inspire you to get out and get in touch with nature and enjoy the scenery and fun that goes with it and thanks if you take a look at my other photographs too! 😀


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