Having A Garden…

I’m lucky enough to have a fairly good-sized garden and for me as an introvert it is my solace. Being a keen conservationist its wonderful to be able to just sit there sometimes and just enjoy. 🙂

Our garden is part lawn, part vegetable and we have overgrown areas for nature and wildlife – as you know if you have read my other blog about Garden Birds here We also have feeding stations placed around our apple tree and several bird boxes in different locations around the garden. 🙂

Our vegetable patch is now planted out with small plants from the greenhouse, these plants were hardened off in the coal-frame to acclimatize to the temperature outside for about one-to-two weeks before being put into the vegetable garden.

Here are some photo’s of some of the plant’s and vegetables planted:


Tiny baby tomatoes ready to be planted. 🙂


How they look now all planted out by the wall.


We have two rows of raspberry bushes – the bees have been very busy pollinating and our bushes have so much fruit! 😀


These are two sunflowers – russian giant.


Not sure what type of sunflower this is though; will have to see what it looks like when it comes through properly. :S


Here are both sets of sunflowers now; they usually get sun all day where they are by the fence and the two russian giants have seven-foot bamboo canes behind them as they creep their way up. 😀

Honestly I am so lucky in many respects because most houses that are built-in the UK now have what I like to call “postage stamps for gardens,” meaning gardens with most property’s are very small and do not contain much greenery in them, which is a desperate shame. 😦

I do hope you like what you see and maybe you can start your own vegetable plot or have some room in your property for nature areas, no matter how big or small your garden is. 🙂

(we do have many more plants & vegetables in the ground at the moment but they haven’t broken through as yet – I will keep you updated. 😀 )


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