A Day Out…

Just over a week ago I had a day out round Wildlife Heritage Foundation where I volunteer with a friend. (and it was my birthday too 🙂

It was really nice just to be able to go round and see all the cats and actually see the whole site. I managed to get some pretty good shots of some of the cats as well, even though it was a pretty hot day. As you can guess some of them just didn’t want to play in the African like weather and being cats the humans just had to wait. 😀

Here are some of the pics I took….


Serval – Samia I think, she is quite playful and behind her is her daughter.


Up top is Mandalay a clouded leopard, (Probably my favorite shot of the whole day) and down the bottom is one of three new cheetahs; I will amend when I know for sure which one it is. 😀

IMG_1763 IMG_1843

Up top with tongue hanging out is Amasia an Amur Tiger and below a very serene looking Petra a Eurasian Lynx.

Some of these cats are critically endangered, but that shouldn’t matter really. What really matters is that we protect all of these cats, we should all be on the same page and try to do as much as we can to ensure that children get to see these animals in the freedom of their own habitat and terrain and not just in zoo’s or animal sanctuary’s like Wildlife Heritage Foundation.

I hope you like and enjoy some of these pictures.I really had a good day out with my friend on my birthday and see all the cats. 🙂


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