New Wildflower Garden Meadow

I’ve recently started a new garden project.

Having been given (finally and after badgering my dad) a small part of the garden I’m trying to grow my own wildflower meadow. I had wanted to do this for a while and being very keen on gardening, conservation and nature it seemed to me to be the perfect thing to do! So just over a week ago I began…. 😀


I started with this bit of soil above; this isn’t really very good for my dad’s vegetables so it was really going to waste. First I started by weeding the ground and then taking off the top 2 inches of soil.


This is just after the weeding; with the top 2 inches gone I then dug very deeply and turned over. (if I had grass I would have probably had to rotavate this area)


After digging I then raked out the soil so you have a nice top surface which is fairly level; you then have a good surface to deposit your seeds onto.

IMG_2859 IMG_2858


I deposited my seeds by hand, going from left to right and then back to front (basically I turned  90 degrees) so that they gave an even sprinkling over the surface. After this I walked over the ground gently as instructed by the instructions on the seed packet.


I have since covered with wire and netting so that the seed will hopefully be allowed to grow. Since the netting has gone down though I have put boarding up around the edges as this helps small creatures from getting tangled up and hurting themselves.

I really had lots of fun doing this and I hope it will grow into a little bit of a haven for animals and bugs next year. It should be great for butterfly’s, bees and all of the other little bugs that need places like this as well as some small mammals and other animals. 🙂

This was inspired by my friend and if you want to see what a larger garden meadow area is like go here: This takes you to her garden category, you can then have a look at some of the shots and vlogs from her garden

Hopefully this might inspire and maybe get people to have a go at doing this little bit for nature. It really doesn’t matter whether your garden is big or small this can be done anywhere and it’s also great fun for anybody to try! 😀

This is where I researched information on growing a wildflower meadow or garden meadow:  (There are more links on the page on how to prepare, sow and aftercare.) (some great tips are offered here and some instructional video’s on YouTube as well)

Thanks to my friend Solariahues for her input too; I have already put a link to her blog so if you wish to have a look you can! 🙂


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