Where has all the Wildlife gone?

I have been reading a lot recently on the report by WWF and ZSL about the extinction and loss of wildlife since 1970. Nearly half of all wildlife has disappeared in just over 40 years; this is just so unacceptable to me who believes in conservation. How can we as a race be so careless to do this, we claim we’re civilized but how can that be, to keep destroying nature and rainforests the way we are; at this rate we will only be able to see some of these amazing animals in zoo’s!?

Even the animals that are not threatened could disappear like our common blackbirds or robins, species that we consider to be abundant like sparrows and foxes. I love to get out in our local woods and take photographs of the beauty around us and just take in what nature has provided for us. In my garden I am lucky enough to have lots of wildlife and with the new wildflower meadow I’m creating hopefully it will lead to even more flora and fauna coming in and making my garden part of their habitat and home.

If everyone pulls together maybe we can stop this sort of extinction from happening in the next 40 years, but if we don’t our planet is in real trouble. Anyone can put feeders out for birds or provide a window box of bee-friendly plants no matter how big or small their garden is; just the smallest amount can and will make a difference.

I volunteer for the RSPB and Wildlife Heritage Foundation and donate to other organizations as well, but it will take all of these NGO’s (non government organizations) to pull together and try to protect the amazing species. Together we all must do our bit for nature no matter how big or small.



IMG_1252 IMG_1785

We could lose these amazing animals if were not careful. Have you got any idea’s on how to help our fauna and flora? If so try some of these organization’s. 🙂

Fauna & Flora International
World Land Trust
World Wildlife Fund also has a link to the Living Planet report.

Also check out my friend Solariahues’ blog and what she’s doing to help conservation: Solariahues blog


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