The humble house sparrow…

One of my favourite birds is the house sparrow. We’re lucky enough to have a colony that live in a large cluster of rhododendron trees in our next door neighbours garden.

They often come to both our hanging feeders and our ground station to feed. They’re so fascinating; the big male is usually first over and gives a shrill call to the rest of the colony when he is sure that it is safe and they can feed, I could watch them for hours.

Even though a lot of people think that they look boring and average I don’t, to me they are so different and I think that is because this year has been such a good year for them in our garden.

We think that they have had 2 broods this year possibly 3 – although we can’t be sure. I tried to count up how many there were in the summer, but it was very difficult because they used to come to the feeders in two flocks and it did get quit confusing; there must have been about thirty-five/forty between them. It was quite spectacular watching them all trying to get on the feeders, trying to get the buggy nibbles and various different seeds that was put out.

Even now in the late autumn they are still coming here and it is great to see – even on a dreary day. Here are a few pics over the summer that I took of them, I hope you enjoy. 🙂IMG_0427

A couple trying to get onto the same perch of the feeder.


The resident male leader who seemed to be doing the calling when it was all clear to feed. 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this post, if you would like some info on these wonderful and under-valued birds you can go here

You can also have a look at my friends little eBook here its good fun and very informative. 😉


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