RSPB volunteering

Having volunteered for the RSPB for a couple of years I had to take time out from mid September to mid November. My dad was quite ill and I suffered a personal tragedy and lost my best friend. 😦

I started back again and am really enjoying working on the reserve which is in South East England; it’s so great to be back and enjoying the wildlife, nature and to see how the reserve has changed in such a short while after not being there.

The views are quite spectacular now that the tree felling has stopped for the winter and the heathland is just starting to come back, with all the different variety of heathers just peeking through (there are 3 which I will update when I find out the names for them).

The Exmoor ponies have gone and will be back next year – they keep the grasses down and are a lovely addition to the reserve too! 🙂

As I hadn’t been there for a while it was a little difficult to get back into the swing of things but I got there. 🙂 We were given the task of making a dead hedge. This meant that we had to cut down the Silver birch and Scots pine round the edge of the heather and make the hedge from that – leaving any oak, blackthorn or any other varieties of tree left to stand.

The dead hedge provides protection to the heathland from dogs that are off leads during the winter and provides cover for birds and other mammals as well as insects that really need it.

Here is a pics of the dead hedge:


The hedge runs from left to right up to the top; on the other side of it is a small stream and a track for walking.


Here’s a view where the trees were removed a couple of years ago to open it up as heathland. This is how it was originally. 🙂

It’s just amazing to think that in a single day you can accomplish so much with the help of the RSPB staff of the reserve and the other volunteers, it really gives you a sense of achievement and satisfaction too, and of course it helps nature which is the all important point. 🙂

I will try to give regular updates and provide more pics as well. 🙂

Maybe you would like to get involved in volunteering, its great fun and you’re giving nature and wildlife a helping hand! 🙂

Here are some links to try:
The Wildlife Trusts







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