More volunteering from the RSPB reserve

This week on the reserve we were asked to go up to another site there. So the volunteers and staff made for a site where all the heathland has been restored properly and the dead hedging task had been completed to a certain point. 🙂

It was very cold so work began straight away on clearing the remnants of saplings of more Scots pine; these hadn’t been taken out correctly,they should be cut at the bottom of stem under the lowest branches or taken up with the roots attached to it so they don’t come back ( in theory anyway).









In the bottom centre  of the picture is a Scots pine which has come back, these have to be taken out so that the heather/heathland can come back, otherwise left to grow the pine overwhelms it.

When the pines are pulled out they are used to shore-up any gaps in the dead hedge, this also creates cover for birds, small mammals and insects.









As you can see in the picture the dead hedge is protecting the heathland as well as the footpath the other side. 🙂

All of this took most of the day and it is only a small fraction of the heathland that we were in, but it looks and is so satisfying when you know that the view and heathland will look like this and you’re giving nature a hand. 😀








I almost forgot to say that while we were at this particular site we saw a flock of birds that contained siskin and redpoll, it was quite amazing how many of them were together, although this does happen in the winter. (I only wished I had my DSLR camera and not my small one because it doesn’t have a very good telephoto zoom on it. 😦 )

I hope you enjoyed the post and maybe you could give me some feedback if you would like some more? 🙂

Here’s a link for the two birds I mentioned earlier on in the post via the RSPB website: Siskin here and Redpoll here I hope you have fun looking at these two birds and as its winter don’t forget to put out food and water for your garden birds too! 😀






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