Winter walks in the woods!

If like me you love nature, walking in the woods is one of the best things to do.

I get my camera and just disappear for two or three hours and just enjoy the scenery mixed in with sound of the birds, rustling of leaves underfoot and all the other sounds associated with the woods. 😀

I thought I would share some pictures on some of the frosty mornings I went out early. 🙂


This is from an early morning when the sun has just started to hit the rest of the woods; it was a lovely walk across the field and I managed to see blue tits, great tits, sparrows, blackbirds, crows and even a very startled fox who probably didn’t think anyone would be up that early! 🙂


This is my favourite place in the woods; I often sit just past these steps and listen, its amazing how much you can hear if your dead still – although when its cold like the day I took this photo, definitely better to stand. 😀

IMG_3040 IMG_3003

This post was put here a while ago, I thought the carvings looked very pretty. The old stump of a tree covered in moss looked amazing when the sun hit it through the trees (the sun didn’t last long enough so I didn’t get the shot! 😦 ).

I love the frosty mornings, it’s just so quiet and peaceful and as someone who loves conservation and who volunteers for the RSPB it gives me so much pleasure to know that people are trying to preserve these amazing, beautiful and fascinating places.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and enjoys themselves, maybe even go out for a lovely Christmas walk! 😀





2 responses to “Winter walks in the woods!

  1. These are beautiful, I love the second one, its like a secret path through the woods 🙂 It looks so peaceful.

    • Yeah, its my favourite place. 🙂 Its a nice place to think, listen and contemplate; just makes me smile thinking about it. Thanks for the kind words and complement. 😀

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