Wildlife Heritage Foundation open days…

Being a volunteer for Wildlife Heritage Foundation I would just like to let everybody know that their Open Days this year (2015 – starting on Thursday – ending Sunday, gates open at 11 in the morning), will be on the 16, 17, 18 and 19 of July.

I will put a link to the site a the end of the blog! 🙂


These days are a great time to experience all the good work that we do and also to see the large collection of big and small cats that we have – over 50!

Some of these cats are very rare (we’re part of the European Endangered Breeding Program), as we only open to the public on these four days it gives the public at large a great opportunity to have a look round the site and enjoy the day. Of course you can always book other experiences like a Photography day, Big Cat experience, Adopters days or a Ranger day; all of these are great fun, a great way to learn about these magnificent animals and the wonderful care that is given to them here.

As well as the cats that you can see there will also be various stalls and tents that you can visit round the site, from face painting, arts & crafts, photography as well as the food & drink & there are also displays; last year there was a bird of prey display which was fab! 🙂

Here are a few of the cats that you can see:


This is Narnia a White tiger, she was just getting ready to pounce when I took this shot of her last year! 😀


White male lion Themba playing and having a bit of rough and tumble with one of his cubs! 😀


Neptune a fishing cat just having his afternoon tea. 🙂


And this is Griffin a caracal and this will be his first open day this year – he’s very beautiful and very lively as well. 🙂

These are only a sample of the many cats that are at Wildlife Heritage Foundation but hopefully this will whet the appetite for more.

As said earlier here are the links to the main website: Here and here’s the link for booking up for the 2015 Open Days: Here

If you do choose to go its a great day out and good fun for everfurry one! 😀



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