Beachy Head…

Last week I felt as though I needed a bit of time and space away from everything, so I took myself down to the coast to where my grandparents used to live and had a pretty good day out at a place called Beachy Head – Eastbourne.

As an introvert I need to have space and time on my own and it was lovely to smell the sea, listen to the crash of the waves, be near to wildlife and just wander around up on the cliffs with my camera taking in the beauty of the place. 🙂

I took lots of photographs and really enjoyed my walk along the cliffs of this spectacular bit of coastline. Also there is a good visitor center with lots of information about Beachy Head, the wildlife and history of the location ( I have put a link to this at the bottom of the blog ).

As I said my grandparents lived at Eastbourne for a very long time and it was nice to revisit a place that I know and love so well. 🙂


Eastbourne lighthouse at the bottom of the cliffs. I think it is now unmanned but for many years it stopped ships, trawlers and local fishing boats from running aground during low tides.


A head on picture of a seagull. Birds can be quite tricky to get a good focus on in flight! 🙂


This picture shows how high up you are on the cliff face – about 500 feet; the image has been cropped quite heavily to show the seagull flying low to the rocks on the bottom of the cliff!


A dying winter flower  – I have to admit I’m not really sure what it is, so if anyone has any idea I would be grateful? 😉


Another seagull doing a full turn; I love flight and sometimes I think it would just be great to be able to soar through the sky – it fascinates me! 😀


A ferry coming out from behind the cliff from the port of Newhaven.

Beachy head really provides some spectacular views and stunning scenery. It is full of biodiversity and is part of The South Downs National Park.

Here’s a link for further information on Beachy Head and Eastbourne: Here It also has other places and attractions you can visit and where you can stay if you intend to have more than a day down there. 🙂




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