RSPB Reserve update…

I thought I would give you an update on whats been going on at the RSPB reserve that I volunteer for, I have been a bit busy recently and have only now found the time to do this. 🙂

The forestry work which was finished last year on this part of the reserve has been scraped and pushed into banks, mounds, ditches or bunds.


This will be great for small insects, reptiles, solitary bees and wasps. In time the buried heather seeds will burst into life with the spring sunshine for the first time in five decades. Hopefully this will provide homes and habitat for the a fore-mentioned creatures and also help some of the rarer animals and birds here with food as well! There are also some shallow pools which will help invertebrate; unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any photo’s of these as this small bit is still out-of-bounds to all but the workers as they put the finishing touches to it.

Good news is that Woodlarks have been seen and heard staking a claim to their territory; I was lucky enough to see one but only had my small camera on me. 😦

I did manage to catch a Kestrel hovering and getting ready to dive for some food, although this is quite a cropped photo it does show how fabulous a bird of prey they are. 🙂


And here’s a photo of where it was hunting on the heathland which was cleared of the Scots-pine about five years ago and the heather which has grown back to support the abundance of rich wildlife that has returned.


Almost forgot to mention and to show a picture of the old World War I and II firing range that used to be here.


We are still finding unexploded ordnance around here and have to call in the bomb disposal experts to see if it is live or not. It can be pretty exciting when something is found but dangerous too! (Anything out of the ordinary should be reported no matter how trivial it may seem.)

Hopefully I will have a bit more news to update you with as it is almost spring and there will be far more going on, but here’s a picture of a lovely Robin who was a very brave chap and came and sat with the volunteer work-party while we had our lunch! 🙂





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