How to… Recycle a bird food Tub.

I generally try to do as much recycling as I can – especially in the garden. 🙂

I buy a lot of food for our wonderful birds in the garden, so often I have these plastic tubs/containers left over (you can use any other plastic tubs). These are great to recycle as plant pots, especially for larger flowers or vegetables.

For this How to… you will need a drill (I have several cordless drills), drill-bits – 25 mm/1 inch and a smaller drill-bit 12mm/1/2 an inch and or course your empty tub.


Above are the tubs I was just talking about.


If you set your tub on the ground making sure that it is on a flat and level surface, then turn it upside down so you can start to drill your holes in the bottom of the plastic tub. I started with my larger drill-bit because the plastic on the bottom of the tub was quite strong, but if it is on the thin side make sure to use a smaller drill-bit so that you have a guide, then you can use your larger drill-bit to enlarge the hole.


When drilling make sure to not put too much pressure on the drill, otherwise this might shatter the plastic; let the drill do the work for you.


After making a hole in the center I then drilled another four holes round the side; these are fairly evenly spaced but you don’t have to be perfect about that, just so long as the water can drain out freely. 🙂

After I had finished drilling I then cleaned out any mess and washed the tub out. I then filled with potting compost ready for planting.


Here is the finished tub with potting compost in it. 🙂

I have a couple of How to… if your interested. If you go to the side menu and click on to the How To… category in categories that will take you to them. 😉

I hope you will have a go at this little bit of recycling, it doesn’t take that long and is good fun. Tell me how you get on, it would be good to know? 🙂








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