Garden Update…

Its spring and the garden is coming along quite nicely and everything seems new. 🙂

Bulbs that I planted out in 2013 have made a belated appearance in the front garden; I actually thought they might have died having not appeared last year. :S


Here’s a photo of part of the front garden in bloom. Daffodils looked lovely and an early tulip has come up. 🙂

In the back garden, the bed that I completely replanted in 2013 as well is now in its second year. The bluebells are just about ready to bloom and mixed with the daffodils at each end it looks really colourful and should be great for all the pollinators too! 🙂


The back bed runs almost the length of the back garden down to the greenhouse; also planted in there are some wildflower seeds, hyacinths and I also start my sunflowers that will come out of the greenhouse so that they get lots of sun. 🙂


Here’s a photo of my little bit of wildflower meadow that I seeded last year. There are a few patches but this was to be expected as it won’t be until next year that the meadow really comes to life – although I am hopeful that there should be some wildflowers that be present and make an appearance this year, it will be so good for the bees and butterflies as well as all the other insects and maybe a reptile or small mammal. Also I have put a bird table in the middle of the meadow for the birds (which I made); we have trees not that far from the edge and the more birds I can attract the better. 🙂


In my greenhouse I already have sunflowers in small seed pots as mentioned and I am trying to grow some herbs in tubs (see the How Too…Recycle a Bird food Tub I blogged about: Here ). I have also some tomato seeds in trays, the onion sets are already in the veggie patch, along with beetroot, radish and carrots.

And as you probably know I love my wildlife and its that season so here’s a quick snap of Mrs Blackbird on our ground-feeder.


So what’s going on in your garden? Are you in the full swing of spring and busy planting out? Let me know whats happening or do you have any hints or tips? 😉




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