Exciting Garden Visitor…

Having not blogged for a while I thought I would share a wonderful and exciting visitor to our garden with you all. 🙂

A bit of the back story first though is required.

Having been in the garden with my camera trying to capture shots of our lovely robin, who is so used to me that I managed to get some really close up shots.


Here she/he is taking a worm back to the nest behind our garage to feed the young that they have there; underneath is a photo of the robin posing for the camera. 😀


Suddenly the robin took off, there was a commotion down the garden and the other birds started giving rather loud alarm calls!? I quickly turned round and just down the bottom of the garden in full sunlight, this is what came into my view! 😀


A male sparrowhawk had caught one of the sparrows and was just looking straight at me. This isn’t the first time we have had sparrowhawks in the garden but it is quite a rare occurrence. Luckily I kept my cool and snapped a few shots before he took off with his catch. 🙂


Here’s the sparrowhawk just before he took off. It was a lovely surprise (obviously not for the sparrow that he killed 😦 ), but the circle of life and nature being what it is. I think I was very fortunate to have seen this and to have had my camera at the ready.

Have you had any birds of prey hunting near you or in your garden? Would be good to know what sort and are they regular visitors? 😀

(Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I have felt very introverted and needed some time, space and quiet and walks in the woods and time in the garden are needed as I have been thinking a lot about my friend who I miss very much at the moment – I don’t usually miss things or people very much but I really miss her and am a little confused by it. :s)





2 responses to “Exciting Garden Visitor…

    • Thanks for the kind compliment and kind words. As an introvert I need time and space to regain energy, but its not a loss in the sense of a death; it’s a friend who I am/was very close to! Sorry if there was some confusion – It’s very personal and very difficult to explain.

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