Busy Garden Birds…

This time of year my garden is so busy with many of the garden birds nesting, feeding their young and some of them on to the next brood.  🙂


This female blackbird has a nest in our neighbours hedge; here she is taking a worm back to it. I personally love this time of year because nature and wildlife seems at its best and you can get some really good photographs, especially as a lot of the birds and other wildlife know that the supply of food is very regular here. 🙂


This great tit has a nest in one of the trees down at the bottom of the garden. It’s amazing how many times that he comes back and forth from them, it just seems never-ending. I always wonder how much energy must be expended for these lovely little birds in this highly energetic time of year.


I managed to catch this sparrow as he was just coming into land on our apple tree; flight always fascinates me, whether it’s the mechanics of it or just the beauty of watching the birds dance and weave in the sky. 😀


I think I have mentioned our robin –  he/she is so used to me now that if I’m gardening it usually comes so close that you could almost feed it by hand, also its clever too, it waits for the starlings under the feeders to knock out the buggy nibbles (energy suet that is in its mouth), so it can have a nice easy meal. 😀

I also have some pictures of swifts that I took recently and will probably do a post on them.I just have to edit the photo’s! 😀

This time of year is so important for all the wildlife. It doesn’t matter if you do a little or you’re trying to make a wildlife friendly garden – every little counts.

What are you doing to help wildlife? It would be really interesting to hear some of your thoughts? 😀




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