A Sensational Carpet of Spring Bluebells…

Yesterday I came across this sight when I was out in the countryside with my camera!


A carpet of bluebells just appeared as I crested the ridge of a hill I had climbed. 🙂 It was sensational to see this, although I was a little disappointed that I only had my little camera with me.


This went on for at least half a mile and I just drank in the beauty of it.

I have been here before but not in the spring time, so this was a lovely surprise. 🙂


On the other side of where the bluebells were, this is the view I had ( my little camera can’t really do the view justice).


Walking back to where I had left my car was this corridor surrounded by trees; there were many sorts from oak, ash, beech and some silver birches. It is lovely to see so many different hues of greens and all the wildlife here was amazing. I stopped here just to look around and listen, also to have something to eat as I was feeling rather hungry! 😀


Thought a bit of cuteness for my last photo. These sheep had their coats shaved off and were happily munching away on the grass in this field. 😀

It was a lovely surprise to see all those bluebells out and a brilliant walk in the countryside. 🙂




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