How to – Make a plant support stand…

Thought I would try another How to… 🙂

I started to make these because we have Gladiolus in our garden, they get quite tall and they have a large yellow bulbous flower and can tip over sometimes, so they needed a little help standing up. 🙂

What you will need:

  • Garden bamboo canes
  • Scissors and Wax garden string (although normal string will do)
  • Drill and bit (bit is 3mm)
  • Junior hacksaw or hacksaw
  • Sandpaper (fairly fine grade)

First off, if you start with your 3 bamboo canes here (mine are 7 foot canes so I was able to get the 3 lengths needed plus small inserts which you will see later):


If you cut them into 800mm or 31.½ inch lengths and then also cut 3 smaller lengths at 200mm or nearly 8 inches.

P1010403 P1010405

After you have cut the lengths drill your hole on one end of the 3 larger canes and drill holes at each end of the smaller canes.


When you have drilled all of your holes sand down the ends of your canes also the holes you have drilled in them. 🙂

Next, if you start to thread your string through the holes you have made, starting with the large cane and then into the small cane, making sure you take the string round the back then into the hole at the other end of the same small cane. Repeat this until it looks like the last picture in the this sequence. Do not cut any string as yet for tying purposes (This is a lot easier if you lay your canes out in order on the ground and put the string through). 🙂


As you can see the pictures give far better instructions. 🙂


Your stand is ready to go (Yay)! As you can see in the picture above my Gladiolus are just starting to come through; if you position your legs and push them into the ground around the plant, you can now get an idea of how much more string you need for tying (you might have to adjust this as the smaller bits of cane need to be pulled tight and you need to pull the string through).


Here’s the finished article. As you can see I have tied off the string at the nearest corner and secured tightly. You can adjust the legs as you like when the plant bursts into life and position in the right place for the plant to go through. You could also wait until the plant reaches a point where it has trouble supporting itself and then set the stand up for support for it (which is what I usually do).

I hope you like this, I have been making these for a while and they can be made any size to support plants that tend to be top-heavy and fall over.

If you have any thoughts on improving this little stand I would be glad to hear from you or if you have any questions on making it? 🙂






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