Something Strange…

Being an introvert I thought quite a long time before doing this post as I do not write about personal things too much on here.

About 2 weeks ago and to my surprise this had been sent to me…


This oriental bedside table lamp was originally on my Amazon wish list which was taken off quite a while ago. I really do not know who would have brought this for me. Not to many people know my address and the very few people who do I have asked and they have said that they haven’t brought it for me, also my birthday is not this early in the year, so it cannot be a present for that particular event. :S

For me this is really weird, although it’s a really nice thought and I appreciate the gift, it is also a bit on the scary side.

Being an introvert I have probably been over thinking things, but this is such a strange thing to happen; I really am for want of a better word…stumped?!

Has anyone had this happen to them and if so what happened and do you have any advice? (One thoroughly confused person)



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