Birds, Butterflies and Bees…

We have such a baby boom in our garden at the moment or should it be birdy boom. The young that have just fledged the nests are coming with their parents to our feeders, or should I say waiting in the apple tree or on the ground to be fed by adults. 🙂

This year is the first time I have seen a Juvenile goldfinch, they tend to be a little skittish so it took a while to get this shot.


This juvenile goldfinch waited patiently for its parents on one of our runner-bean poles.

Our starlings have been very busy and have been a regular fixture in my garden; the young make a lot of noise waiting for their parents to come to feed them, and the amount of fledglings this year has been amazing.


This is an adult starling feeding one of the many fledglings. 🙂

Our house sparrows have been busy too! Sparrows in the UK have declined by nearly or around 70%  from about 1970 – 2008, but figures suggest that they might be stabilizing. In our garden we are lucky enough to have a great many and they provide so much fun to watch, especially at this time of year. 🙂


These 2 juveniles have just worked out how to get the buggy nibbles out of the feeder. 🙂 When they were slightly younger I used to watch the adults feeding them in our apple tree or on the ground.

Now this is the first time I’ve seen this particular butterfly in my garden:


It’s called a speckled wood (Pararge aegeria). I was checking round the side of our garage where our wild area is and it was basking in the sun on the leaf. It stayed there for quite a while before fluttering off.

Finally I think this is a buff tailed bumblebee:


I just managed to get this in mid-flight (although it’s not a great shot). I am lucky enough to have 2 rows of raspberry bushes which attract large amounts and different varieties of bees, they need all the help they can get. At the moment the raspberry’s are in bloom so it’s buzzing with activity. 😀 I wrote a post on them last year, if you would like to read about them go here: Here.

So whats your garden like this time of the year? Do you enjoy just sitting outside enjoying the sounds of nature; I would be interested to know? 🙂






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