Reminder – Wildlife Heritage Foundation Open Days…

Thought I would just remind everyone about the open days at Wildlife Heritage Foundation where I volunteer.

Open days are on the – 16, 17, 18 & 19 of July. The tickets are selling like hotcakes and are limited, so if you would like to go then you will have to get them pretty quickly. 😀

Here’s a link to the web page to buy tickets: Open Days 2015

And here’s the poster advertising the days.

Image via Wildlife Heritage Foundation website.


Unfortunately this year I will not be there helping out because of something that happened in November last year (Nothing to do with WHF, just something personal that I think is the right thing to do for someone.), but I hope everyone who goes has a great time and enjoys the beautiful cats and all the attractions.

Here’s one of my favourite pictures I have of one of the cats – Narnia the white tiger. 🙂


This was taken last year on my birthday with a friend – great day and good times. 🙂

I love my Mondays volunteering at WHF and you know that you are doing something very worth while in trying to help save and protect these lovely and beautiful animals.


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