A walk round Bewl Water…

Last week I had a lovely walk round a local reservoir. Its lovely and peaceful and one of my favourite places to think; I also took my little point-and-shoot camera as well! 🙂


I love poplar trees, they always remind me of people on the march as they’re so straight and always seem to be planted in straight lines. You can really hear the whispering of the wind in them too – it sounds as if they’re sighing! 🙂


This bumblebee loved the thistles that have grown by the path in this area where I had stopped. I watched it zig-zag from one to the other. Thistles are really interesting, especially when they get really tall, you can see all the spines on the stem and how individually beautiful they are. I did wish that I had taken my DSLR when taking this photo. :s


I saw this hidden away – it was off of where the path went so I had to investigate? 🙂  There are holes in the trunk of this tree and I don’t think it’s wood worm because the holes are much to big – Has anyone any ideas??? :s


I was also not sure what this flower might be, I do have my suspicions but I am waiting for a definitive answer, it’s very pretty though. 🙂 I have checked myself but there are 3 very similar flowers, so I got in touch with dads friend whose a retired gardener; hopefully I will get my answer soon.

It was a lovely walk and I always like seeing things that make me try to work out what has happened to them or what they are! 🙂

If you do have any idea of what the 3rd and 4th pictures are (especially the 3rd) please let me know in the comments? 🙂


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