This Little Piggy…

About a month ago I went out on a walk through our woods; at the edge of them there’s a farm and I always look in to see the chickens. 🙂 To my surprise the chickens had disappeared and in place of them was this! 🙂


Cute spotted pigs! 🙂 I can’t be sure what breed as the farmer wasn’t there; I have done some research but the nearest one’s that I found to look similar was the Pietrain – a Belgian pig or a Oxford Sandy & Black, but the pictures of them were of full size adults. As these pigs were young it can be very difficult to identify some breeds. I will ask the farmer and amend when I find out though.


They were really friendly and came right up to the fence oinking and grunting and trying to get their snouts through the fencing. 🙂


This one was having a good scratch against the tree. 🙂 (sorry the photography’s not the best)

It was fun to watch them; I do wonder where the chickens are though and will have to ask where they have gone?

What do you think, do you like farmyard animals and which are your favourite? 😀




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