A Meadow Mowed…

As a keen conservationist and someone who loves nature, I go for walks in our local woods and the surrounding fields to photograph the wildlife and in general just enjoy the beauty and peacefulness.

I walk through two small fields before I get to the footpaths to our woods.  Below: The moth and the speckled wood butterfly were photographs that I took in this very field. 🙂


The fields which had been left so that they are like a very small meadow with the grasses and wildflowers coming up, this is so that the bees and other pollinators can use this field. The council for several years have only cut the grass around the outside of the field and a strip through the middle to provide a small corridor for people to walk through.

At the moment bees are in decline (as is most wildlife) this is partly due to the fact that 97% of wildflower meadows have been lost in the UK. This is also due to intensive farming practices and land being sold off to build on – human encroachment (I could go on, but this will be going of topic).

Imagine to my horror when I saw this!


When I walked into the second field they were cutting the entire field. 😦 As I have stated, the council usually mow around the edges in both fields and then cut the entire fields in mid-to-late August. This then lets the hay (term used after the meadow has been cut) where it has been cut able to disperse its seeds for next year. Also cutting it at the height of summer completely defeats the object of having a meadow because the bees, butterflies (which there are many) and other pollinators cannot cross-pollinate the flowers which there are many at this time of year in full bloom.

This has made me quite upset as I have been growing my own garden wildflower meadow to help our poor wildlife out, although my very small meadow is in its first year it has produced some flowers, red clover an ox-eye-daisy here and there and other small flowers that have come through.


Hopefully my little piece of meadow will really bloom in its second year and I will be able to sit behind it and enjoy the wildlife in it. 🙂

Going back to the two fields, I have taken my time and decided to actually write to our local council and find out why it has changed it’s mind and cut the two fields at this time of the year?! I hope they will get back to me, but councils being what they are sometimes forget about the wildlife and how we really need the biodiversity and ecology that it brings – but I will try! 🙂

If anyone has any idea’s or suggestions on this subject it would be really good to know?

I think I will leave this post on an up-beat note. Here’s what a proper wildflower meadow looks like. You won’t be able to see so many flowers, but I assure you that they are there in amongst the grasses as this area I know very well and is very rich in wildflowers. 🙂




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