Delightful Damsels…

I took some of these photographs on my walk last week of some Damselflies. There’s a very slow-moving stream and a smallish pond so it gives me lots of opportunity to photograph Damselflies.

IMG_3924 IMG_3886

These are two Large red damselflies – Pyrrhosoma nymphula . These species are one of the earliest to appear in the spring. I love the structure of their wings. It always amazes me that they can fly so fast and take such a buffering from the wind. 🙂


A Common blue – Enallagma cyathigerum , it just stayed still long enough to let me get a nice shot. 🙂


A male Beautiful Demoiselle (and yes that’s its name…honestly :D) – Calopteryx virgo. Another tricky customer to photograph; think I must have waited half-an-hour trying to get a good shot. 🙂 I didn’t mind though, it was such a lovely sunny day and when you’ve got your camera your focus is so much on the subject that you forget about everything else around you. 🙂

As with the butterflies in my previous post; if you think I have named any of the Damselflies here incorrectly please let me know?! 😉

I think trying to take pictures of insects really hones your photography skills. How have you honed yours and do you use a particular technique?



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