New Swift Bird Box…

Recently I brought a new bird box – it’s a Swift-box.


In the UK there is a declining number of swifts, although in my area where I live we are lucky enough to still have good numbers that arrive from Africa each year, they also nest very close to where my house is so I thought buying a Swift-box was a good idea to try to help the declining UK population. 🙂

The box itself came untreated so a bit of painting was in order. First I did some research about what to use on the box (I emailed the manager at the RSPB reserve that I volunteer for). The suggestion was that it should have a non-toxic water based product put on the box. Fortunately enough I had some protective decorators varnish which is water-based and very low-odor. 🙂


I proceeded to paint the box making sure I had two bits of wood to stand the box on.


I will run through the next sequence with pictures and put the explanation afterwards:

P1010580 P1010581 P1010579

As you can see I started painting the untreated timber and then turned the box so each surface was coated; only the top of the box which is was already painted in green was left. I also painted the box twice to give it extra protection.

There is also another reason that I am putting this box up at the beginning of August. At the end of July the swifts will be going back on their long trip to Africa, I can then put the box up under the soffit so it will weather in for next year. It will hopefully be ready for these delightful and agile birds next year.

I will keep you all up to date when the box goes up and some pictures will be coming with it too! 😀




3 responses to “New Swift Bird Box…

  1. Great job helping swifts in your area with a place to nest!
    Did you know the EU’s looking at undermining the very laws which protects birds and their habitats across Europe? Can you and your followers help put your names to our Nature Alert campaign please? We’re urging the European Commission to leave the Birds and Habitats Directives alone, given the huge benefits they provide in protecting a number of at-risk species in the EU. There are more details here:
    Every signature counts!

    • Thank you. 🙂 I actually signed the petition quite a while ago via the RSPB, but it’s great to see other people like yourself who are trying to get the word out there about the EU trying to change these laws.

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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