New Swiftbox Cont…

On my previous blog on painting my Swiftbox: Here I said that I was going to have to wait until the time was right to put the new box up and get it situated in the right place. Well I’m pleased to say that it’s up and I have the pictures to show you. 🙂

Firstly I had to drill 2 holes in the side of the box so that my Rawbolts would fit.


I did this using a 10mm wood drill bit and  cordless drill.

After doing this I made sure the smaller screw of the bolt fitted through the hole and was a good tight fit.


As you can see it has a hexagonal head, so you are able to use a socket to wind the bolt up once it is in its location.

This is the location on my house that is the most suitable for the swiftbox. It is just over 5 meters up from ground level and is located underneath the soffit board, which gives plenty of protection from the weather and predators too! (It is also out of the heat of the sun)


I then had to drill the holes in the wall for the rawbolts to fit into – the plugs themselves are slightly bigger than the actual bolts so you require a slightly bigger drill bit for this – 14mm. Once drilled out I checked that the holes were the right size (which they were – yay) and the box was ready to go up! 🙂


I have actually touched up the heads of the bolts with a protective coating so that they don’t rust. 🙂

Hopefully next year I might see some swifts in the box; we do have quite a lot round our area but they do have their favourite roost sites and I can only cross my fingers.

Have you had any success in providing a home for these lovely acrobatic little birds, if so let me know in the comments it would be great to hear about them and what you did to help?

If you are interested in helping swifts, housemartins or swallows here are some sites with suggestions and helpful advice (I am in the UK and it would be better to ask if this advice is suited to your region that you live in).

RSPB advice: Roofs for wildlife

Swift conservation: Homepage



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