Autumn Garden Delights…

It’s slowly changing to autumn and I thought I’d share some garden photos with you. 🙂

Here’s my lovely Buddleia that a friend gave to me in 2013 – I have 2 that she gave me and both have turned out really well, especially for the bees and butterflies. 🙂


The flowers are amazing and have lasted so long this year. 🙂


The bees love it – although the queen bumblebees will be looking for somewhere to hibernate for the winter soon.


This Hydrangea has flowered well past its flowering time, but I really do think this is so pretty. 🙂


A red-tailed bumblebee on a michaelmas daisy. We have 2 bushes in the garden and it’s full of bees and butterflies. They provide such a difference in colour compared to the autumn leaves that are now falling off the trees. 🙂


The last of our gladiolus. The flower head is bulbous and the bees funnel into them.


A final picture of a large white butterfly on a michaelmas daisy.

I do love autumn for the different changes in colour, although it’s tinged with sadness because winter is only a few months away. 😦

What plants do you have that flower late into autumn and what bulbs are you going to be planting for next year?




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