Storm Clouds…

Sorry about not blogging last week I was rather busy. 🙂

On Friday evening I have some shots of the storm that passed us by where I live. It was pretty epic because it skirted right round the edge of our house and produced no rain or thunder just a few and far between bolts of lightning – very unusual. :S


This first shot is of the formation just coming to where we live. I was just sitting in the garden watching the birds with my camera and book and then this….


It changed within about 5 minutes; it looked so beautiful that sometimes it’s very difficult to know where to look, you just want to take in everything at the same time (it made me think of elephants feet at the front :D).


It looks like a rip across the skyline. It was just so quiet, even the birds had stopped singing expecting a huge thunderstorm to erupt but it didn’t just a couple of lightning bolts across the sky. Isn’t our planet awesome to give us displays like this? 🙂



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