Cobwebs and Countryside

A couple of weeks ago I was busy in the garden and happened to see an Orb-web-spider construct a web from the beginning. 🙂 I must have sat watching for about an hour as it precisely spun its silk to create its beautiful web – I love spider webs and the next day I went out very early in the morning to try to capture a few pictures of webs where I walk (I missed the Orb-spiders creation in my garden due to no camera.)


I think this is quite exquisite, it was one of the larger ones and in a series of webs.


This is the one I really like because it shows of the different shades of light as the sun is hitting the dew at the back – the gold and silver of the web looked amazing. 🙂

While out in the countryside I managed to capture a flock of geese as well. 🙂


Not quite in the classic V formation though.


This is from the small pond that is very well hidden, the mist is just rising as the sun comes round to warm it up. I love the weeping willow tree in the middle of the picture – almost gives it a bit of a jungle feel. 🙂


Took this on the walk home, another misty morning shot. Looks like you’re looking through a window. 🙂

I love the early mornings in Autumn, it’s a great time to get your camera out and try to get in some good photography. 🙂

What gets you inspired to get out with your camera?


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