New Garden Bird Visitors and Unhappy Collared Doves

Last week we had a lovely surprise in our garden… a new visitor or visitors! 🙂


These cute little birds are Siskins; I was fortunate enough to be in my conservatory and watching the goldfinches when they just took over the Nyjer-seed feeder. 🙂They seemed incredibly hungry and stayed for a good hour, this might be because they are migrating south for the winter and stocking up for their journey. I’m so happy that my garden has had these new and enchanting birds, it means that my garden is evolving and enticing new wildlife into it. 🙂

This little guy turned up as well.


This little chap is a Coal Tit; if you’re wondering about the guard around the feeder it’s because the collared doves kept on pinching all the seeds and the smaller birds were going short and missing out (the collared doves have the ground feeder that has rather a lot of food on it anyway).


Here’s our culprit (or one of them). 😀 I do like all the birds in our garden but collared doves and pigeons do tend to pinch quite a lot of the smaller birds food; it was good way to stop them and they are now feeding more on the ground feeder, although they do try every now and again to try to see if they can get into the guard feeder (think they’re quite confused really and cross 😀 ).

Have you had any unusual or new visitors from migrations popping into your gardens?

Here’s a link for information on Siskins via the RSPB website: Here

(Sorry about the short post, really busy in the garden again this weekend 🙂 )



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