Garden Update

We’re well into Autumn now, with leaves tumbling from the trees making a carpet on lawns where they lay and most of the flowers have withered and died.

Not in our garden though. 🙂 We still have some very late bloomers. 😀


These are called Nerines – originally from South Africa they bloom into November. They are very pretty and really add a splash of colour to the already yellows, reds and oranges of the falling leaves.


Our Michaelmas Daisy’s are just about to finish, although there are a few flowers still hanging on. 🙂 I love the wispy whites and the softness of them as they start to fade; they have really been outstanding this year and we have a new bush taken from cuttings in one of the other parts of the garden too! 🙂


Another plant that is still in flower are our Fuchsias. These have been in the garden for as long as I can remember, although we only have one bush now. 😦


This is a Scabious flower. I planted this in 2013 and it has really flourished.  🙂


I caught this little robin this morning. It was singing so beautifully and it posed so well I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get a photograph – love robins. 😀

I really love this time of year; the different colours, misty mornings (and evenings), some different birds and wildlife coming into the garden. It truly is one of my favourite times of the year. 🙂

Is this your favourite time, do you have late-blooming plants and what new types of wildlife do you have coming into the garden?



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