Big Garden Birdwatch 2016

On 30-31st of this month is the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch.I really enjoy doing this activity, it’s fun and also the worlds biggest wildlife survey. 🙂

All you need to do is have an hour spare over either the 30 or 31st and just count the birds that visit your garden – it’s that simple. This gives a snapshot of birdlife across the UK. As well as counting birds you can also count other animals in your garden including foxes, badgers, hedgehogs etc.


This is my new suet-ball feeder with lots of starlings on it that I had as a gift at Christmas – seems to be working quite well, a great addition to the garden in time for the birdwatch too! 😀


Here’s a photo taken in 2015 of 3 Siskins, very rare visitors to my garden but I would be really pleased to see them again!

If your interested in taking part here’s a link for the full details on the RSPB website: RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2016

It’s great fun as I said earlier and anyone can get involved in the UK (sorry rest of the world). 🙂

Sorry for the lack of content recently but I have had a lot on my mind, but I hope you all have a terrific 2016 and if you decide to take part let me know some of your personal results of the wildlife in your garden? 😀



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