Bumblebee in Trouble

Today I found a White-tailed Bumblebee underneath our wheelie-bin.


As the weather has changed and nights and mornings are now frosty I think it was trying to find somewhere warm and dry.

I quickly went to our greenhouse and found a small piece of ply, moved the bee onto it and then took it back to the greenhouse in the sun. Having managed to get the bee safely into the greenhouse I then proceeded to make a small solution of water and sugar to feed the bumblebee which you can see to the right of the bee in the photograph. It lapped it up hungrily with its proboscis (tongue) and within about 5-10 minutes it’s wings were buzzing on it’s back as the sun had warmed it up. I left the bee where it was making sure to leave the windows and doors open in the greenhouse so it could get out. I went back in the afternoon and the bee had gone, which I hope meant that it was and is ok. 🙂

If you would like to know more about bees and how to help them out in the winter here’s a link to the Bumblebee Conservation Trusts website: Here from there you can also use any of the links to find out more about this brilliant conservation charity. 🙂

Have you found any bees in winter and what did you do to help them?


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