Winter Wonderland

Yesterday I pulled back the curtains and we had…..snow!!! 🙂

Now I love snow and in the south of the UK where I live we haven’t had any, so the first thing was to get my warm clothing on, get my camera and go for a walk round my woods.


Everything is so pristine with snow; it feels like everything is starting afresh and new, I love when you’re the first person to walk down a track and you look back to see your own footprints there. 🙂


These were the only berries left on the bushes that I passed just after the gate in the first photograph. The birds and other critters must have gotten to them; they looked quite solemn on their own.


This little pond was frozen solid, but I did manage to crack the ice a bit so that the birds and other animals could get some water.


This view is just as I was coming down the hill; I really like how the tops of the trees look, just reminds me of Narnia. 🙂


As this snow was melting it was making beautiful patterns on the tree limb.

It was a lovely walk; everything was silent and still, apart from some of the birds singing (mainly robins). 🙂

Whats your favourite thing about snow; do you like to go for long walks,have snowball fights make snow-angels or snowmen?


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