Wonderful Woodpecker

Earlier in January we had a lovely visitor back to see us….


Our female great spotted woodpecker had returned. 🙂


These birds are regular visitors to the garden but had disappeared for a while, I was beginning to think something had happened to them. It was great to see that the female had returned as she is the more frequent visitor to the garden. 🙂

It was also brilliant on another level as this is the new suet-ball feeder that was given to me as a Christmas present (along with another new feeder – must do  a product review maybe). 🙂 She stayed on there for a good 20 minutes pecking away and actually leaping from the suet-ball feeder onto our apple tree and back again! 😀

If you would like to know a bit more about great spotted woodpeckers here’s a link to them on the RSPB’s website: Here also here’s the link for the suet-ball ring feeder at C.J. Wildlife shop: Here

Hopefully I will have more photo’s to show you that are of better quality too! 😀


2 responses to “Wonderful Woodpecker

  1. I LOVE bird photography. I used to have a trail camera beside my feeder to capture images of the endless bunch of finches that would feast on this thistle seed inside. Woodpeckers here are a special shot!

    • That sounds great. 🙂 I would really like to set up a trail-cam, although my feeders are not to far from my conservatory so I get to see the birds and other mammals up really close. 😀
      Thanks for commenting and hope you get lucky and see a woodpecker. 😉

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