Review – Fat Ball Feeding Ring

For Christmas I was given as a present a Fat Ball Feeding Ring from CJ Wildlife.


Fat Ball Feeding Ring

I had wanted one of these for a while to replace my old cylindrical one’s that I have and I am so glad this was given as a gift.

The construction and design are very good with easy access to put the fat balls in at the top via the clipped lid; they then run round and down so that you can get 12 (13 at a push) inside and contained in the feeder.

The well designed placing of the wire-mesh on the feeder means that the birds have lots of places to grip and cling to, this even applies to birds that would prefer to eat at table and ground feeders – several robins have enjoyed the ring feeder but I have yet to get any photograph’s of them.

This is a brilliant feeder and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The feeder actually came with an added extra of 12 fat balls so I didn’t have to buy any and it was ready to put up and use straight away.

Here’s just a few photographs I have taken of the birds enjoying their new feeder. 🙂


The starlings really enjoy it and are probably the most regular users, although the house sparrows come a close second. 🙂


We have 6 or 7 blue tits that use our feeders but it was an instant hit with this little one. 🙂


And finally this female Great Spotted Woodpecker has spent a lot of time on here.

The feeder comes from CJ Wildlife here’s a direct link to the website: Here if you follow the link on the navigation panel to Fat and Suet Feeders that’s where you will find the Ring Feeder.

I have used CJ Wildlife for a variety of feeders, food, bulbs and plants; the payment system is easy and they are very prompt in their delivery of the products/product that I have previously brought from them. I would highly recommend them.

If you live outside of the UK here is a link to their Delivery & Returns page on their website: Here if you scroll down it will tell you about buying products and delivery outside of the UK.


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