Big Garden Birdwatch 2016 – My Results

Over the weekend was the Big Garden Birdwatch 2016 – previous post here: Here

I thought I would give you a rundown of my personal results and which birds were in my garden over the time limit of the hour. 🙂

  • Blue tit – 3
  • Great tit – 2
  • Coal tit – 3
  • Greenfinch – 2
  • Goldfinch – 5
  • Chaffinch – 1
  • Blackbird – 2
  • Dunnock – 1
  • House Sparrow – 22
  • Starlings – 13
  • Robin – 1
  • Pigeon – 3
  • Collared dove – 5
  • Total – 63

In total we had 63 birds come into our garden within the time limit of the hour. I’m really rather pleased with that; over the past years the birds seem to know that I’m doing the birdwatch and go into hiding. 😀


A goldfinch on the top of our feeding pole.


Mr Robin on an old log that I managed to get from our neighbour last year. 🙂


I thought I would put in a house sparrow from last summer because in the UK over the last week or so it has been really rather dreary. 😦

Although there were some birds that didn’t show up that have been regular visitors to my garden, it’s good to know that the effort I’m putting into the garden for the wildlife in general is paying off and this years numbers were higher than some of the other years. I think I actually got a bit lucky as the temperature did take a bit of a tumble in my part of the UK overnight – our weird winter continues with above average temperatures then dive back to winter weather (very confusing)???

Did you take part in the Birdwatch and if so did you have good results or bad, I would be really interested to know?






5 responses to “Big Garden Birdwatch 2016 – My Results

  1. As you know, we did take part, no house sparrows for us though, sounds like you had a small flock! A total of 38 birds during the hour for us, there are other projects to take part in but I wish the RSPB hosted more of these Bird Watches.

    • Yes, we’re quite lucky and have a sparrow colony that seem to like it here (maybe you might get some at some point). 🙂
      I couldn’t agree more with that thought about more bird watches, a late summer/early autumn one would be good.
      Forgot to say loved the photo’s by the way. 🙂

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