New Shelf

Over the last weekend I have been busy building an add-on shelf to an already existing one, this is due to the fact I was running out of storage space for my DVDs.

I was lucky enough to have the timber already in the garage, had taken all the measurements and sketched what I intended the shelf to look like, so I set to the task.


I started by getting my bevel out and cutting the angle I would need to match my shelf.


After cutting my 50mm x 25mm wood which were to be the supports I marked out and then proceeded to drill where my screws were going to go.


I then followed this by countersinking the drill holes (which you can see in this picture), this is so the screw head will just be underneath the surface of the wood and easy to put putty or polyfilla over the top.


Having done all this I then took all the materials I needed into our house and started putting up the bearers for the shelf to go onto the wall. As you can see in the picture the bearer for the shelf is nice and level with the bubble in the spirit-level once I had marked and screwed it into the wall.


Here’s the finished article which has been sanded down and all the defects filled up.


Having primed and then twice undercoated the shelf the only thing left to do was to wait and then gloss the shelf the next day. 🙂



As you can see in the pictures above this is what it looks like finished (sorry about the mess on the other shelves). 🙂

I know this is off topic from what I usually blog about but it’s nice to get creative on the home-front every now and again, enjoyable too! 🙂


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