National Nest Box Week

Starting on the 14th of this month and ending on the 21st is National Nest Box Week so in preparation for it I have given my boxes a spruce up and added a very small amount of bedding as a start-up for the birds. 🙂


This is our blue tit box on the conservatory, which has had birds in it every year since it first went up. 🙂

Just a quick bit of information for you:

  • Most boxes should be situated between 2-5 metres above the ground floor and well out of the reach of cats. They should be placed between North and East, although sometimes this is not always true.
  • If you can tilt your box or boxes slightly forward it helps keep any driving rain from getting into the box.
  • Wrens, Robins and even blackbirds prefer open fronted boxes (I have one and I will put the photograph up in this post) and should be situated in a well hidden area possibly on the lower side of the 2-5 metre range.
  • You can buy many types of boxes which will attract a variety of different species of bird to your garden or you may want to build your own – it’s good fun and really gives you a sense of achievement too! 🙂


This is my swift box which I put up late last year (Previous Post Here), I’m hoping that I can attract this acrobatic bird to make a home in my garden this year; we have quite a lot round here so fingers crossed! 😀


My open-faced box (mentioned earlier). I had a very old box which had to be replaced last year and this is what I brought from the RSPB. This box actually faces West and not North or East and has been put up in the same place as the last one; last year the old box had wrens in it as it did for the previous 2 years so it really does depend on where the box is situated sometimes. 🙂


Already we have blue tits checking out this box on our conservatory. They have been using it for the past 2 weeks or so and we have already seen them bringing in some nesting materials that I have put out for the birds in general. 🙂

It’s always great to have birds nesting in the garden and different types too. I would like to get a bat box at some point as we know we do have bats around here but I really want to do some more research into it and if we have the right site for a box in the garden.

Are you doing anything for National Nest Box Week?






2 responses to “National Nest Box Week

  1. I hope you have Swifts visit and nest, that would be so exciting. Although we live close by to fields, we do not see them here. Good luck!

    • Thanks and I totally agree although I only put the box up late last year, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. It’s so great to hear their screams when they first appear again. 🙂
      It would be nice if you could have some to, especially with the good variety of wildlife you seem to attract to your garden. 🙂

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