A Good Start to Spring

It’s been a bit of a strange start to spring but a good one. 🙂

The garden is looking great and seeds have been sown into their pots and trays in the greenhouse; onion sets have been put into the vegetable plot already along with shallots, we have also had lots of different varieties of birds in the garden too (more of the birds in another blog to come). 😀


In the foreground trays are lettuce and tomatoes and in the pots, largest first is Button Snakewort then begonia which is going to be ready for next year hopefully and for the new bed which I have made. 😀


This plot where the bay tree is will hopefully be transformed as I have taken some of the not so wildlife friendly plants out and left the good ones in (photographs to come when the plot is more developed). 😉


This is a bulb that I put in last year – Allium Giganteum which is starting to come through.


I have also pruned the Buddleia “davidi” which my friend gave me in late 2013; it’s now established fully so it will take a good haircut in early spring each year, hopefully producing bigger flowers for the bees and butterflies. Behind the Buddleia you can see our free-standing brick wall flowerbed, I have joined this up with our other one so it runs the length of the garden and it provides great places for bugs, insects and even the bees can get in some of the gaps and cracks! 🙂


Here are some Daffodils from our garden, they looked so pretty – early bloomers help bumblebees and all the other early pollinators coming out of hibernation too.

Sorry I haven’t posted much over the last month, I have had lots to think about and been more introverted than usual thinking about my friend who I haven’t spoken to since January of 2015; I will have to do better with things like that but when you miss someone who you care about very much as a friend sometimes it can be difficult and a bit confusing. :s

I hope spring is going well for everyone and it would be interesting to know what you’ve been planting in your garden?



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