Beautiful Birds of Spring

I love spring, it’s the time for things to start a new, also the birds are starting to make their nests and are getting busier (although all through these last few months and indeed winter they have been very busy here). 🙂


This is a male and female greenfinch in one of our hornbeam trees down at the bottom of the garden. I have now 2 feeding stations in the garden and this one is down the bottom as it gives the smaller birds more access and they don’t have to compete so much with the starlings and our colony of House sparrows. 🙂IMG_4504

Here’s another regular visitor a goldfinch; they usually use the feeders down the bottom end of the garden, occasionally they sometimes get a bit bullied by the 6 or 7 greenfinch that tend to turn up so I brought a new nyjer feeder for them. 😀


Our blue tits have started to take building materials into the nest-box that is situated on our conservatory; I love blue tits they look like punk rockers with the bright blue cap on their head or burglars with that black mask over their eyes! This one is very vocal and it’s great to hear it calling to its mate. 😀


The starlings have been coming to the garden so much over the winter and it’s great to see them as they’re another of the birds in decline. 😦


Our colony of house sparrows from down the road are enjoying a veritable feast at the moment, as my neighbours have been putting food out for them and other birds as well. 🙂 It’s nice to see that other people care for these little creatures and take the time and effort to help out too! 🙂


I have also had siskins in the garden since last year – I think it was in September of 2015 they started coming and have been here ever since, they tend to use the feeders down the bottom end of the garden more along with the greenfinches, goldfinches and the smaller and less numerous types of bird.

I still have lots of pictures of other birds but have got a bit behind on the editing process at the moment but more shots are on the way. 🙂

What birds have you got in your garden at the moment and have you had any surprise visitors?





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