Spring has sprung…

The last couple of days has been sunshine and warm temperatures so I have been in the garden getting things ready for planting out and taking lots of pictures (sorry bit of a photo blog) :D.


This is a beautiful tulip, it adds lovely colour to the raised bed above the vegetable plot and the bees really love them. You may be able to just see the bluebell on the right that’s blurry – I want to get a nice photograph of them when they’re in full bloom! 😀


I’ve been trying to work out which one is trying to photo-bomb which in this photo – any ideas?! 😀


Here’s another bee photo –  this one was foraging in our mint patch; it’s so lovely to see all the bees back out again and to hear their fabulous soundtrack of the familiar low buzzing sound as well. 🙂


If the weather keeps up like this my flowers, fruits and some of the vegetables will be planted out this week too!


This is our second feeding station, we also have a rope line that you can see in the photo that runs through the old apple tree which the birds love to sit on, it gives them good visibility and somewhere to perch while enjoying their food which is hanging from it. 😀

Is your garden in full swing with spring yet or is it a bit of a late starter?




5 responses to “Spring has sprung…

  1. Wow, look at all those bright vibrant colours. These are beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing. The trees here are just starting to bud, looking forward to the explosion of colour pretty soon.

  2. I love the sound of bees buzzing too. Your rope line sounds good, is that just for birds to sit on or does it have another purpose?

    • It’s a great sound isn’t it. 😀 We started using it when our apple tree started dying and the branches were getting too brittle to hang the feeders on them. We then put the feeders on the rope to ease the burden on the branches and now I have the 2nd feeding station we ‘re going to leave the rope up but with less feeders on it – plus the birds still have plenty of space to perch and move around off of the ground too! 😀

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