Garden Update

It’s been a while since I updated you with what’s happening in the garden…… so here goes!


This is Red campion which I seeded about 2 years ago, I thought last year it was growing fast but now it looks amazing down the side of our house. 🙂


Here is Scabious “red mist”, it seems to have blossomed all through winter and is thriving in where our apple tree is, the bees love this.


The Hydrangea has just started to bloom as you can see. This is a fairly new one to our garden (we have another two) and the amount of bloom on it looks brilliant for all the pollinators – can’t wait for more of this to show, should be good. 😀


Here are 2 flowering beauties. The Allium was put in last year which is the flowering ball on the right and the flowers just about to bloom is Iris “germanica”. I just can’t wait to see the contrast between the deep violet of the Iris and the pink of the Allium. 🙂


This flower is called London Pride – “Saxifraga x urbium”. The plant really attracts honey bees on mass; I love to listen to the soundtrack of the buzz that comes from this as all the bees are on the flowers. 🙂

IMG_0181 IMG_0191

At the top is one of the rows of raspberries and below it is a bumblebee on one of the flowers. This year should be a good year for raspberries as they seemed to have grown at a quicker rate than normal – I’m actually licking my lips just thinking about all the fruit with ice-cream. 😀


Tomatoes have just been planted in the ground from the greenhouse, they are a little late in the garden this year but should be ok and produce lots of fruit (hopefully).



We also have tomato plants in our greenhouse which are small cherry tomatoes. If you’re wondering what tubs they are in are, they’re 10-litre plastic paint containers that have been re-purposed for gardening. The paint containers are brilliant for this and provide plenty of room for the tomato plants to grow in.


Finally here’s how the wildlife meadow looks at the moment. Last year I seeded some Yellow-rattle which helps more flowers bloom and cuts down on the actual wild grasses. I intend to sow some more wildflower seed at the end of flowering season but I want to see which flowers bloom and which have not. It’s a little bit of trial and error but I like the challenge with wildflower meadow and what it produces for all the wildlife. 😀

What’s happening in your garden and have you any new plans forming already?


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