Ready, Steady……Fledge!

As some of you may know we have had Blue tits nesting in our nest box on our conservatory and I have been keeping a log on what they have been doing, well they fledged. 😀

It happened at between 5-5:30pm UK evening time on Saturday.

IMG_0272This is our male Blue tit (I think, they are usually brighter in colour than the female, but always difficult to tell). I had noticed that both parents had been calling very loudly over the last day or so to try to persuade the younglings to come out into the big wide world; they tried to entice them out with tasty caterpillars but they didn’t want to come out until Saturday evening.


I had been sitting watching them for about 45 minutes (with camera at the ready) or so when the male came to the box with a caterpillar, he then went and left the nest without giving them the tasty morsel and flew straight back to the apple tree and continued to call! 🙂


Peek-a-boo. One of the juveniles looks out at the parents and then…..


More looking and where’s my food. 🙂


Lets go! Ready, steady….. fledge…! I just managed to get the juvenile as it started to take off. It was brilliant and I think I’m very lucky to see these birds fledge. It looked like a blurry fuzzball and went straight into the trees. 😀


This is where they flew to. These are the trees at the bottom of my garden. There were 9 fledglings and you will be pleased to know that they are all ok. On Sunday you could hear them in the trees, I’m hoping that after a few days we might see them on or around the feeders with the adults which will be awesome! 😀

Isn’t nature wonderful. 😀


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