Invertebrate Fun on a Wild Walk

Yesterday I went for a walk in our local woods and meadow where they have a small pond tucked out-of-the-way, sort of hidden gem you might say. 🙂

With camera in hand, the sun shining and thoughts of what I might see running round my head I set off.


This is a Four-spotted Chaser (Libellula quadrimaclata) Dragonfly. I love the colours and the position it’s in; you can clearly see the four spots stretching over both sets of wings.


Here’s a side view I managed to get; it always amazes me how strong they are. Look at the comparison between the legs and the actual body, the strength is pretty awesome. 🙂


Common Blue Damselfly (Enallagma cyathigerum)


What a pose. I must admit I was very lucky that there were so many Damselflies around this pond, I had the choice of getting so many shots. 🙂


Now this is a Bumblebee, not sure what type as it flew away almost as soon as it landed (I only managed one shot and it flew away very quickly). Thought it might be a Common carder bee but so difficult to tell without seeing the top of the abdomen – any idea’s? :S

I must have sat and watched all the wildlife round the pond for at least an hour or so, it was just so peaceful and quiet with hardly a sound apart from the habitat that was there. 🙂

What wildlife have you been seeing lately in your patch?



2 responses to “Invertebrate Fun on a Wild Walk

  1. Lovely post and really interesting helpful ID with the four spotted chaser. It always takes me a while each year to get my eye back in when it comes to identifying, there is so much to learn and sometimes I just do not retain what I have known so well before – age I fear at play here! But I wonder if your bee is a Bee Fly as the eyes are close together and possibly only one set of wings? Your pond trip sounds rather lovely too!

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