Bee-topia and Supporting Citizen Science


In my garden I have lots of flowers that provide bees, butterflies and other pollinators with something to snack on; my favourites of these are two beautiful flowering plants: Bellflower – Campanula and London pride – Saxifraga x urbium.


Our Bellflower grow out of the free-standing wall which has a flowerbed in it. As you can see the flowers are a brilliant violet and they run about 2/3 the length of the garden. In front of the Bellflower you can see a frame-work of canes with wire guides which the tomatoes when they are planted go up.


This is a Red-tailed bumblebee -Bombus lapidarius on a Bellflower. You can see the saddlebag full of pollen ready to take back to the nest.


Here we have (I think) a White-tailed bumblebee – Bombus lucorum gathering pollen. All the different types of bees love this flower and I’m so glad we have let it grow in our garden.

The second of the flowers is a flower-bed of London pride just outside the front of the conservatory.

The honey bees – Apis mellifera seem to be the ones that are really attracted to this small pretty flower, although we do get the occasional bumblebee on there.


Here’s a honeybee taking the pollen from this delicate, lovely plant.

Bees and indeed all the pollinators need all the help they can get, so if you can help them by giving them the food they need it might stop the decline which is happening to them especially the bees. 🙂

Supporting Citizen Science:

I have taken part in quite a few citizen science projects for quite a while now. But last week I got an email from “Walacea”. They are the UK’s first crowdfunding science platform (sorry if you are reading this and outside of the UK). I had backed a project of theirs last year called: “Come Dine with Bee” a research project aiming to catalogue plants based on their pollen and nectar content. Although this failed to get the funding at the time I have kept an eye on the website and looked out of other projects to back and the good thing is I remained on the email list and they emailed me to ask if I would support this new one. The project is called: Pesticides and bees “Keeping Bees Safe In Our Gardens”. Heres the video to watch if you’re interested:


If you watched the video then you will know how important it is to back this project.

I do not think this is just a UK problem with plants and how this affects bees, this is a worldwide problem and although the research is being carried out here in the UK it should really concern us all wherever we are. Here is a link to the webpage for this project: Here

I think this is a brilliant project and well worth the investment, hopefully you will also agree. 🙂


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