Garden Birds Update

At the moment the garden is full of juvenile young birds. It’s so great to watch them, see how fast they learn and the antics that they get up to. 🙂


This is a juvenile House sparrow just getting to grips – literally, it had real problems holding onto the bigger branches and kept sliding down until it decided to fly into our old dying apple tree. 🙂 Has anyone else seen this happen with juveniles?


Here’s the little one again. Not quite sure about the pose though!? 😀


This juvenile starling had just taken a drink in the bird bath just behind it. The starlings are really vocal at the moment and actually push the adults off of the feeders to get to the food.


This is one of the fledgling blue tits from our box, we know this because the parents have been with them when they come down to the feeders. It really is amazing how fast they grow and the changes happen at such a fast rate. 🙂


This young one had a very lucky escape…..


This is a male sparrowhawk (the same one from last year – I checked my photos and the markings match) and the blue tit above the sparrowhawk photo just managed to get out the way in time, otherwise it might have been food for a sparrowhawk chick. Sparrowhawks are ambush predators and use the very large trees at the bottom of the garden to spy out their prey and swoop down on them.


This male has already taken two House sparrow adults; our neighbour also has feeders out and we saw the sparrowhawk in their garden yesterday too. I must admit though it really is great to see this beautiful bird back in the garden, although it takes the juveniles it is the circle of life and that’s what happens in nature and has happened over thousands if not millions of years.

How are the birds doing in your gardens and do you have any unusual predators about?


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