Garden Update

It’s late summer and the garden is still looking great. Sorry I didn’t post last week I injured my back somehow. :S

My Buddleia which was given to me by a good friend as a little sapling in 2013 is in full bloom and attracting so many butterflies, bees and other insects. 🙂


This Red admiral butterfly loves the tiny blooms on the Buddleia.We have some lavender in our front garden and the bees and butterflies love this too; although I love lavender for the impact it has for wildlife it doesn’t really agree with my sense of smell, it is nice but just a bit to overpowering.


Here’s a small white on a lavender flower.


This is a Garden bumblebee – I think. I can’t quite see the end of the of the bee from this angle so identifying it is a bit difficult, it’s one of my favourite photographs though. 🙂


This is one of my new plants this year Rudbekia “Aries”. It should flower much better next year, but I’m really glad it has chosen to flower in late summer in its first year. 🙂


A honeybee on my Michaelmas daisy. All the pollinators love this plant and it blooms well into Autumn too!


I have also brought some new seeds for my wildflower meadow too. 🙂 We had some rather windy weather earlier on this year which blew the meadow a bit flat and it wasn’t great to photograph, hopefully next year will be much better and some of the new seeds will make an appearance.

Hows your garden going this time of year and what wildlife have you had in your garden?


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